To introduce people to Jesus Christ through fly fishing.

There are many people who are lost in their faith. They don't know what to believe, they have no God, they have no faith. Their lives are sometimes in turmoil and they feel there is no where to turn. Many families are broken, divorce has devastated many. Youth have no one to share the outdoors with. Many people are single parents that work and have little time to spare.

C.F.F.M. is here to help. We are Christians first, strong in our faith and willing to share it with whoever will listen. Our goal is to organize local trips to our streams, spend quality time with those individuals, families, and show them the beauty of the great outdoors, while preaching the good news of Jesus Christ.

We are also fly fishermen who are willing to teach people our sport.

A typical outing may be to meet at the stream and share a prayer. Talk to our guests and LISTEN to their problems. Perhaps flip a few rocks over and talk about the stream ecology. Show folks what fly fishing is all about.

With the help of our Lord they might even catch a fish or 2!!

After fishing we can share some scripture. we can tell them how Jesus has changed our lives, hand them a pocket gospel and invite them to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.